Horton Advisory is a Sydney-based public affairs firm. We connect our clients with their audience using the clearest, most effective means possible.  

Horton Advisory consultants have successfully launched and re-launched organisations and campaigns. We have sparked policy debates. We have managed reputational crises, leadership change, and everyday media opportunities. We offer decades of experience with prominent organisations in Australia, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.   

Our expertise:

  • Strategic communication: developing a plan that includes appropriate content and hits the right audience with consistent messages
  • Message development: crafting the most compelling argument
  • Specialist writing: op-eds, speeches, news releases, talking points, message tracks, fact sheets, papers, annual reports, letters, emails, lobbying materials, social content, scripts, etc
  • Media liaison: ensuring presence or absence across print, broadcast, and digital media
  • Media training: understanding the modern media environment, preparing for effective engagement
  • Political intelligence: guidance and briefings on politics, government, and business in Australia and the Asia-Pacific
  • Podcasts: production and effective distribution of tailored podcasts
  • Project management: research, video, audio, animation, graphic, web

We prioritise discretion and do not openly promote the work we do for our clients.

If you are interested in the services of the firm email headsup@hortonadvisory.com.au.

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